A joyful celebration

A wonderful alternative to a church-based Service the civil Naming ceremony allows you the fun and flexibility to formally welcome your baby or child into the world in whatever setting you like. It can be done in a park or your back garden, on a birthday or special day. There is also flexibility with appointing Godparents (some call them Life Guides or Guardians), acknowledging the Grandparents and special family and friends who will be supporting the child throughout their life.

Ask me about the fabulous range of rituals you can do from rose petal blessings, planting a tree, writing in a Blessing or Memory Book (for the time when they can finally read!) or I can help you create your own that incorporate family members in creative and touching ways- kids writing and reading a poem, giving a present to their new sibling or just starting off the bubble blowing at the end!

Call me today to discuss how we can bring all your family and friends together for this wonderful celebration they will remember for years to come!

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