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created for SERA MEY MONASTERY, BYLLAKUPPE, India by Rinpoche Ngawang Jorden (pictured) & arranged through Melissa Halliday in Sydney

Known as: Gyuto Khensur Rinpoche Ngawang Jorden student Monk Sponsorship Program

  • Unlike organisations like World Vision, every cent reaches the monks
  • A wonderful ongoing gift that facilitates the education and health of a disadvantaged human being & returns far more than you put in with letters and a human connection; the option to visit your monk
  • Sponsorship pays for books and basics, essential medicines & health care (many monks used to a vastly different altitude and diet in Tibet come to southern India where refugee camps and the monastery are set up and experience major health problems with digestion, eyesight etc)
  • Less than $17 a month (paid in one sum, once a year)although it is important to make a commitment of at least 5 years so it can be of real benefit

What sponsorship means to me:

“I am now lucky enough to sponsor 2 monks and a nun (my Tibetan family) who regularly write to me and share their stories. It gives me tremendous joy and a sense of real gratitude to be able to help make a huge difference in their lives for little relative cost to me. I know that every cent (or rupee!) of my $17 a month ($200 a year) sponsorship reaches them and helps pay for books, clothing and essential medicines.

Some of their dangerous journeys to freedom to escape the Chinese through ice and blizzard over the Himalayas make you weep. These are the survivors who began in India with nothing and I feel blessed to be able to help them in a small way. It may sound strange but I know their prayers for me and their contribution to peace on the planet has brought more peace and compassion into my life. If you can help I know you will get more benefit from it than you could ever imagine!”

Melissa Halliday, Sydney 7 December 2010



Jamyang Tashi is 12 years old and has been a monk at Sera Mey Monastery for 3 1/2 years under the tutelage of Sera Mey Geshi Chophel Norbu. He was born as a Tibetan Mompa native child in Tarwang in Aranachal Pradesh, India. His father has passed away, his mother remains in Tarwang with 2 older brothers and 2 younger brothers, who go to school in Tarwang.

In leaving his homeland of Aranachal Pradesh, he travelled with 4 other boys from poor families in his area, and took 7 days by train, bus and train, to complete the trip to Sera Mey Monastery, arriving at House 23 Sera Mey. Geshe-la has taken care of him since.

He is finishing standard 5, he is a clear speaker, he studies well, is very clever and sharp, and this year is very improved. His left eye is weak and glasses were needed, so he will need regular checkups. Like any kid-He would love a Game Boy!


Tempa was born in 1978 and is 32 years old. He comes from Nepal, is Tibetan and leaves behind his mother, 3 boys, and 1 girl and 1 sister who lives in Cashmere. In 1983 he became a month, has studied nursing and works as a community nurse in the local Sera Mey and Sera Jey monastic hospital. This hospital practices both Tibetan Traditional medicine and Western medicine and most of his education has come from an American doctor at the medical centre.

He suffers from a chronic intestinal disability and has ongoing medical attention and would love some help for this ailment.

During the building of Rinpoche Ngawang Jorden's home, he devotedly slept in a small materials shed during the whole 18 months of the building, caretaking the property and goods coming to the site. He is a good cook, he is a very good mediator and attends to Rinpoche's garden. When Rinpoche is back from his Abbott responsibilities in Bengal Tempa is very attentive and helpful.


Lobsang Jangchup is 14 years old and was born in Ladhak and left home to come to Sera Mey when he was 8 years old.

He is the only one of his family who is a monk, leaving in Ladhak a mum and dad, 1x16year old brother, and 3 younger sisters who are studying and still at school. They live on a farm where they all work hard to make a living. When living in the Sera Mey Monastery he was in 5th standard with 25 students and he had many friends. He likes being a monk as it is a relief from the outside world and he has more peace of mind. Since March of this year Lobsang has moved to Bengal and Saegyu Dhasang

Monastery in West Bengal as Rinpoche Ngawang Jorden’s attendant. He is now one of 120 monks in this small monastery where Rinpoche is the Abbott. (It is a Gyuto Monastery) The day starts for Lobsang at 5.30am and finishes at 10pm after he has finished with his duties for Rinpoche.


Chime is 26 years old and was born to Tibetan parents in India. His mother Bhuti is Rinpoche's only sister, and their Father has passed away. He has 3 older sisters, 11 nieces and nephews. His school years started at 8 years till20 years old when he finished standard 12. He then became a monk at Sera Mey for 1 year.

It is a big commitment becoming a good monk, thinking very carefully where I might be helpful as it is not a good idea to leave as I have beforeand I am thinking seriously after speaking with Sharpa Choe Lobsang Tenzin where we discussed whether it was a good idea to join at an early age or come to be a monk later in age, then it can be a more serious and correct decision. I also take responsibilities seriously with my mother, as she carries a bank debt after an accident with her sweater business some 2 years ago and I must help my family, so this ways heavily as well for my future.

I have studied IT for a year in Bangalore, this could help in the future somewhere. My interests are chatting with friends at the Tibetan Camp, listening to music and I like to cook, especially with my brother-in-law who is a very good cook and who cooks for large numbers at events. I also help on the family farm. When Rinpoche (my uncle) is home at Sera Mey, I like to attend to him, gardening, cooking for him and keeping his new house clean. When Rinpoche's friends come from the West, I really enjoy accompanying them around India, and travelling I really enjoy.


Lobsang Tsundue is 34 years and born in Kalimpong in West Bengal after his mother and father escaped from Tibet. He became a Gyuto Monk in Arunachal Pradesh at the age of 12 years for a period of 15 years as an attendant to Archen-las. He decided to leave Gyuto Monastery in 1998 to come to Sera Mey Monastery to attend to Gyuto Kensur Tenzin Sherab (a former Abbott at Gyuto, until his death at Sera Mey. He also assists with talioring in the monastery and Geshi Chonyi. When there is extra work with Rinpoche Ngawang Jorden he assists him. He comes from a family with 4 brothers and 4 sisters who still live in W. Bengal

Q: What happens to the money you provide?

A: The annual fee money of $AU200.00 will be collected all at one time, usually towards the end of the year, co-ordinating with a trustworthy person (often Robbie Wood who is known as “Mother’ to the monks) who will transport the funds personally to Rinpoche Ngawang Jorden in India.

Each monk will receive $AU200.00 with no fees to be taken after collection.

Q: How do I sponsor a monk or find out more?

A: Contact Melissa Halliday M 0425 213 338 or Robbie is going over to India on 3rd January 2011 and can take your sponsorship money directly to Rinpoche to be distributed immediately.

I currently sponsor little 7 year old Tenzin Sherab, a refugee who lives at Bylakuppe and has now become a monk together with Namey, another Tibetan monk who lives at Sera Monastery and a nun Tsering Dolkar who is the assistant head nun at her nunnery adjacent to Loseling Monastery in southern India.

Sponsorship is such a joy and the letters I receive are full of good wishes and gratitude for making such a difference to their lives- it is such a fulfilling thing for such a small financial commitment!

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 Thank you so much for your contribution to our wedding day. Because your ceremony was so personal and covered so many aspects of our lives, all our friends have been asking how long we have known each other?! A great testament to how you took the time to get to know us before the big day. The ceremony was wonderful and moving and enjoyed by all, most importantly by us. Thank you for leaving us some beautiful memories of a very special day in our lives.

Val and Ian, April 2010

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