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Other ceremonies:

These can be customized to suit the individual and include ceremonies to celebrate events and turning points in life.

LIVING WAKES- why not use a birthday like your  70th or 80th birthday to celebrate- why wait?! ; I can MC or simply help you plan a fabulous celebration of your life -plan and be a part of the celebration so you enjoy all the fun and actually get to hear all the amazing things people really want to say about you!

OTHER RITES OF PASSAGE: from puberty to 21st, to helping people move forward after a divorce, separation or retrenchment. It is extraordinary how – when you acknowledge an event & its meaning for you, even one that has been negative for you- and when you state what you have learned from it & your intention to move beyond it and in to your future-tremendous internal (and often external) shifts can occur with the letting go. As the past is acknowledged (all the mental and emotional excess baggage that we carry around with us - welcome and unwelcome!) and the past is consciously left behind, the process of moving forward becomes lighter and easier.

PET FUNERALS- our furry friends are really as close as children and deserve to be celebrated for all the love they have shared with us and all the memories and unconditional tail- wagging they have performed over the years. A very moving tribute.

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Thanks Melissa for helping to make our day perfect. Right from the start when we realised we had just a few days to lodge the forms for marriage, you went out of your way to make things easier for us. We loved working through the preparations with you and appreciated your gentle, guiding presence on the day. It was everything we could have hoped for and our friends and family are still talking about it glowingly. As my brother said “This is the wedding that we all would have liked to have had.”

 David and Zinta March 2015

David and Zinta (March 2015)

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