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Commitment ceremonies

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Ceremony on Sydney HarbourYes I think we all look forward to the day when ALL relationships are recognised as equal in law- whether they are referred to as civil unions or partnerships or weddings. I note the current government does not yet recognise same sex partnerships as being on the same legal footing as a heterosexual marriage under the Marriage Act 1961. Yes I even registered in the ACT as a celebrant able to perform same sex partnerships- lasting a full week or so until the High Court overturned the legislation allowing it, in December 2013! Not to be discouraged, we need to keep the issue on the agenda by talking about it and keeping our views clear and our voice strong- eventually this basic right will be recognised I believe, it is only a matter of time.

Some same sex and other couples wish to formalize the union that has already occurred in their hearts and souls & declare this in the presence of friends and family but without the legal paperwork.

Such a ceremony provides great creative choice in terms of personalising to suit the parties – there can be vows or pledges made, rings exchanged or other symbols or ritual used with music and poetry. As a singer I have often been asked to sing in a couple as they enter for the ceremony or during the signing of the certificate of permanent relationship which they sign and keep.

Love Transcends Gender
In NSW, same sex commitment ceremonies are still not recognized in law. Given recent English legal recognition of same sex unions it is to be hoped that the laws will change here in the near future…

The Council of the City of Sydney has a Relationships register that you can join.
Melissa contributes to LOTL, Australia's leading lesbian magazine, particularly in the area of relationships and inspiring stories of women overcoming obstacles to love and commitment. However, she has also celebrated men's unions all over Sydney and hopes to take her feather boa and go to Rio shortly for her brother's ceremony.

If you are wanting a photographer for your same sex commitment ceremony, you can try the talented and award winning Catherine de Souza at

or Shannon Elise Photography at

How to Book or check out the celebrant?!
First, contact me to check availability. If  I am free, you are welcome to come to my place for a meeting in Newtown to see if you feel comfortable and at home with me, discuss your vision for the day and take it from there!

NB As I come with a great portable  PA with built in music player, you don't need to spend money on hiring expensive sound gear and can play your music where ever we are!

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We were so happy with how it all turned out, and people are still commenting on how lovely and personal the service was, and how different it was to more traditional services. The rest of the day was so wonderful as well. We can't thank you enough for making the process fun and intimate and for your care throughout.

Karolina and Julian (July 2015)

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